My portfolio showcases various projects I’ve created throughout my career.


Written Works [self-published]

Rhymes and Glitched Hearts

Rhymes and Glitched Heart is about infidelity gone wrong. This book was written in 60 hours by Misoko Fukumoto in a burst of inspired motivation obtained from reading Gone Girls.
At the beginning, readers are left in suspense of the narrator’s identity which will eventually reveal themselves as the story progress. Rhymes and Glitches Hearts truly explores the fragile nature of humanity’s strongest mentality. Unexpected twist are somewhat, as it describes itself, unexpected.

Coding Projects [all successfully tested]

DeJum CG

Extracts/decodes the original text from the jumbled text(a result of pasting after copying the content in Chrysanthemum Garden’s translated web-novel.) Try/use DeJum CG
»View Project

Automate MFP 2.0

Monotonous job of clicking a button repeatedly is now going to do itself. Go forth and cast the spell, you busy wizard! »View Project

Digital Artworks [Selectively Featured]

Animations [all works and abandoned W.I.Ps]

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